Do the us ghosts really exist if they do why haven't the us sent them into Syria yet because the ghosts could easily end the conflict there?

Answer yes, ghosts are really exist but we can't see them but they can see us because they are a spirit .they eats air.we have not that supernatural powers to see them.but sometimes who believe in them fe... Read More »

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What is CIA ghosts?

How to See Ghosts?

By definition ghosts are the spirits of people who have died. There are no special glasses that help you see ghosts, but following these steps will increase your chances. Science would suggest that... Read More »

How to Tell if You Can See Ghosts?

Do you want to know if you can actually see ghosts and spirits? If you do, you should read on and find out more!

Is my TV haunted by ghosts?

if you tv has a built in clock go to that menu and look for auto on feature. If you cannot find it either change the clock twelve hours later and see if it comes on at 10:00 AM, or unplug it from t... Read More »