How do you screen record your iPod without jailbreaking it?

Answer For all I know, you must 'Jailbreak' it. I think there is a way to screen record using a capture card, but I am not sure!

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Can you get windows 7 on your iPod touch without jailbreaking?

I don't think so, and I wouldn't take my chances with jail breaking since there are scamming people out there!

How can you get free music on your ipod touch without jailbreaking it?

Use a youtube-mp3 converter.. One that I use is [ ]

How can I customize my iPod 4g without jailbreaking?

you can't.use green poison \/

Can you edit an iPhone on screen keyboard with a skin without jailbreaking?

No; the best you can do is download other applications with their own built-in keyboard, but that keyboard will only function within that app (it won't be system-wide). Unfortunately, Apple has res... Read More »