How do you screen record your iPod without jailbreaking it?

Answer For all I know, you must 'Jailbreak' it. I think there is a way to screen record using a capture card, but I am not sure!

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Jailbreaking iPod!?

What does jailbreaking an iPod do?

Jailbreaking an iPod allows users to install and run applications other than those available officially in the Apple iTunes App Store. It is possible to jailbreak an iPod without voiding the warran... Read More »

Can you edit an iPhone on screen keyboard with a skin without jailbreaking?

No; the best you can do is download other applications with their own built-in keyboard, but that keyboard will only function within that app (it won't be system-wide). Unfortunately, Apple has res... Read More »

IPod jailbreaking problem!!!!?

Jailbreaking, it prob made it very low on memory, and it needs time to think, usally my ipad does the same thing when it comepletly dies and runs out of battery the apple sign keeps popping up and ... Read More »