How to Scream Like Bleed the Sky?

Answer This article will hopefully get you to be able to scream

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In scream, why was Sydney's mom so important She was mentioned in like every movie?

Because she was the driving force behind the killer in every movie except the 4th. Her death also had a huge impact on Sydney's life prior to the events of the film.Spoilers ahead...In the first m... Read More »

I live with my sister and we fight. I am the one who starts it. I yell and scream when she does something I don't like. How can I stop?

What does the Devil in the pick of destiny mean when saying Ill make him scream like the scarlet pimpernel in reference to Kyle?

The Scarlet Pimpernel was a movie based on a true story of someone in Europe who called himself the Scarelt Pimpernel and ran around freeing innocent people from jail. He eventually was caught, tor... Read More »

Who is Wanda Sykes?

Wanda Sykes is an Emmy-winning comedienne and actress. A veteran of HBO's "The Chris Rock Show" and award-winning commentator on "Inside the NFL," she has several film credits as well. Sykes appear... Read More »