How to Score a Try in Rugby?

Answer Scoring a try in rugby is the main way to gain points. It is very similar to scoring a touchdown in football.

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How to Be Good at Rugby?

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What is irish rugby?

According to the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) the sport of rugby has deep roots in Ireland's schools and universities. The full-contact game was brought to Ireland by Irish graduates of Englan... Read More »

Where did rugby balls come from?

In the 1800s the first rugby balls were made from pig bladders, which were inflated by blowing into a clay pipe. The job was unpleasant because the bladders smelled bad. Because the pig bladders va... Read More »

How to Tap Tackle in Rugby?

A tap tackle is a perfect tackle when you can't quite get to someone in the field of play which will take the attacker totally by surprise, and most probably save a try.