How do you schedule a job interview at a company 45 min. away while working full time. (no more doc. excuses)?

Answer you could lie and say you have a meeting with a guys that sells blah blah and whatever.or you could schedule yourself a meeting with someone, go there, take 15 minutes, then go to the interview and... Read More »

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The Best Excuses to Reschedule an Interview for a Job?

Having to call an employer to tell him you must miss a job interview is not a pleasant experience. It sends the signal that you may be an unreliable person. Being polite and calling as soon as you ... Read More »

Can an Employer Withhold Benefits for Part-time Employees Working Full-time Hours?

Most states classify part-time employees as those working 35 hours or less while full-time employees are those working 40 hours or more. The Fair Labor Standards Act, which addresses such issues as... Read More »

How to Survive Working Two Full Time Jobs?

Accepting a second full-time job boosts your income but deprives you of sleep, free time and the society of friends and family. In fact, the stress of working two jobs may negatively affect your pe... Read More »

What to file on a W-4 form if you are single& working full time?

On One Hand: Up to Two Personal AllowancesAccording to the Internal Revenue Service form W-4, if you are single and work full time at a single job, you can claim up to two personal allowances. You ... Read More »