How do you scan something to a laptop?

Answer Well You need to hook up everything before you even try to scan . You 1st need to have your printer slot working so you can lay it won flat and then it will scan ..

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My printer won't print a page, but when I try to scan something, it'll scan it. Whats the deal?

Good laptop models / laptop brands.. I'm looking for something under $1500..?

It really depends on what you need it for.. Good is very relative.. Do you need good battery life, does it need to play games, etc..

How do i scan something on my printer?

Go to, search the support/drivers section for your printer model, and download the software from there.

Is it possible to scan something?

Scanners are available for under $50 from the likes of Amazon so it sounds like that might well be a possibilty. Multifunctional devices - combined printer/scanner/copiers - can be had for well un... Read More »