How do you scan codes for a 4 in 1 flag remote model 15-2126?

Answer here is how

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What are the remote codes for a Philips Universal remote model CL034?

This remote is actually a US2-P63S. The manual is available through Philips. I have included the link to the web page on the Related links button on the left.

Codes to zenith remote model zengm2a?

I think there is a list here: BUT I have the same one and I can't seem to get it to work with my new (2009) Toshiba DVD. This is a very old remote I think.

Codes for Phillips universal remote model clo35a?

ok very easy way to do this... you can go to the Phillips website and get the codes... here is the direct link that will take you directly to where you can find the codes. Read More »

Codes for Philips universal remote model ph601s?