How do you scan a picture onto Paint?

Answer If you are using Windows Vista, you can try the Windows Fax and Scan application. It reads TWAIN devices such as scanners.If you're using Windows XP, I would suggest using some other graphic applic... Read More »

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How do i scan a picture onto my mac?

If the printer has a built in scanner, your in luck.Simply locate the disc that came with the printer, and insert it into your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to put the Mac drivers on ... Read More »

How do you scan a picture onto your computer?

Well, you have to have a scanner and a computer, and the scanner needs to be hooked up to the computer.Go into any photo editing program / photoshop, illustrator, etc... and Import from Scanner.A n... Read More »

Can I scan a polaroid picture onto my computer without ruining it ?

A flatbed scanner is safe to use. Be sure however that the lid is closed fully, if you are scanning pictures captured on SX-70 or 600 film stocks, as they have an edge structure that is thicker th... Read More »

How do i scan a picture from my printer/scanner onto my computer?

First, you pull your pants up and make sure your boxers aren't hanging out, like you have some self respect and class. I'll give you a hint because maybe you didn't know this but "Yo bro, yer white... Read More »