How do you scan a pic to computer (using scanner)?

Answer On your computer look for your (Printer/Scanner) icon on your desktop, left click on it, then as the printer interface pops up left click on (scan/copy), turn your printer on, then left click on(sc... Read More »

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Got a scanner how i scan a pic from it to the computer?

Once it's on, it should be found in "My Computer". (Make sure you installed the software/driver that came with the scanner.)

If I don't have a scanner to scan pics onto my computer, where do I go to do that?

Libraries have more than books.........check yours out.

How do you scan a photo on scanner from computer?

If you have a wireless scanner, just turn the connection on and connect it to your computer through the PC and, after putting the document under the scanner, press scan. It then might ask you to wh... Read More »

I just got a scanner and im wondering how you scan a pic and put it on your computer?

Well, after you plug the scanner just open Image Capture , that app is on you Aplications Folder From there its quite easy.for more info go to…