Guys: do you find very beautiful girls intimidating?

Answer I am not a guy but get your friend to practice asking a fellow out in front of the mirror and then be with her and prompt her when she does the deed.I did this with a friend of mine and it worked.T... Read More »

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How to Say Beautiful in Spanish?

The word "beautiful" can sometimes be interchangeable to "pretty" and "handsome". Be careful who your recipient is! Here are some tips on how to say "beautiful" depending on whether you are talking... Read More »

How to Say Beautiful Girl in Spanish?

If you see a pretty girl while vacationing in Mexico, or you're crushing on a gorgeous girl in Spanish class, tell her she is beautiful in Spanish!

How to Say Beautiful Woman in Spanish?

If you ever see a gorgeous woman who looks like she is of Hispanic descent, or if you just want to impress the ladies with your killer language skills, here are a couple of good ideas...

How to Learn Spanish Online Very Easily?

If you search for "learn Spanish online," you will literally receive millions of search returns. Endless websites and advertisements offer Spanish in 10 days or free tutorials that actually require... Read More »