Every single time i yawn, tons of spit droplets fly out of my mouth onto whatever i'm doing. (and i yawn alot)?

Answer You dont have enough oxygen in your blood which is why you yawn...Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your lower eyelid and see if the color is red or flesh color. If its flesh colored y... Read More »

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How to Yawn?

Trying to fake being tired? Why not pretending to yawn? This is great for excuses like getting out of school, not wanting to go somewhere, etc.

How to Make Yourself Yawn?

Who knows why you'd ever want to make yourself yawn, but it's kind of a cool trick.

How to Suppress a Yawn?

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How come if someone yawns near you and you see it, you yawn too?

my health teacher told us that people yawn because there is a lack of oxygen in the room, so if your friend yawns, then that means you both have the same lack of oxygen, hence you would yawn