Does Spanish moss grow without soil?

Answer Unlike most flowering plants, Spanish moss has no formal root system. It gathers its supply of nutrients from rain, and dust in the air. It grows on trees, rather than in the ground. It does not ne... Read More »

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How to Learn to Speak Spanish Without Signing Up for Anything?

You do not always have to enroll in college courses or a special program that costs money to learn how to speak Spanish. There are other ways you can do this; it just takes some research and networ... Read More »

How can you work your biceps and back without weights and without doing pull ups?

Prisoners DO have access to gym equipment...BUTYou can work out muscles without equipment at all.Dynamic tension is a method used to build strength without the use of weights. It pits Muscle agains... Read More »

I dont think I look good without makeup but I wanna go to school without it?

Be comfortable with the skin your in you don't need make up to inhance your looks so what u look sleepy your still beautiful

Can you join any branch of the US military without a high school diploma and without a GED?

No, there are no US Military forces that accept non-graduates or those who do not have a GED.