Window gets too hot from the sun what can I put I front of the window to reduce heat produced?

Answer You need to shade the window with something like a shade sail if you can't use a shade sail. The direct sun is not only heat up the window but also the brick work around it which then radiates int... Read More »

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How do you glue the regulator support back to the window on a 2001 Mustang and adjust the window?

Answer The question you ask is tooinvolved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get arepair manual for your car.They cost about $16.00Or, go to a Public Library.

How to Replace the Window Wiper in a 2004 Toyota Prius Rear Window?

The Prius is a hybrid vehicle. The switch between both systems is seamless to the driver and the result is good fuel economy. The batteries that power the electric motor are recharged when the gaso... Read More »

Can I hang out my window and lower my neighbor's tv's volume thru her window with a remote control?

No sweetie, it is t/v propaganda, i.e. adverts. If you live in the so called reall word, it is impossible. Best thing to do, is knock on the door, say your t.v. is broken, and aske them to turn t... Read More »

Just purchase a new hard drive, can i intall new window if my laptop came with window vista?

You can install any OS!!Windows7 , xp, debian, ubuntu , openSuse, freebsd, freedos...