Explain what happens when cps puts you in foster care like will you get to bring your clothes and stuff with you will I be able to see my older sister and will I get to keep in contact with friends?

Answer AnswerHoney, I'm sorry that you have to be in this situation. Don't worry you will be able to bring your clothes with you if your parents allow it. But if they don't CPS will get you clothes, and n... Read More »

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Will I confuse my infant if I speak in English& Spanish?

On One Hand: No Confusion if You Are FluentReadiness for learning languages starts at about 10 months. The best scenario for teaching an infant both English and Spanish without confusion would be i... Read More »

How would learning spanish help you with a career with nasa?

Well Learning Spanish well held you in NASA because you well never know if people talk spanish in NASA and you will use it one day.

Show with belinda Spanish girl with braces and pigtails?

i have the app and i can't quite remember how to do it but i think u put 2 fingers across spongebob diangly and twist i think

How to Bond With Your Family With Spanish Lessons?

Studies show that learning a foreign language is much simpler for children. Don't give up just because you're an adult, though; you can learn as quickly as children can with audio Spanish lessons. ... Read More »