What is the first day of the week in Spanish-speaking countries?

Answer The first day of the calendar week in Spain is Monday, or "Lunes" in Spanish. Spanish-speaking countries in North and South America begin the calendar week with Sunday, or "Domingo."Source:Beverle... Read More »

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What is the first day of the week on the Spanish-language calendar?

Spanish-speaking countries do not consider Sunday to be the first day of the week. Instead, the Spanish-language calendar starts the week a day later on Lunas, which English speakers refer to as Mo... Read More »

A widow take home pay of 600 a week her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a 4 week waiting period what amount would she receive in disability kept off for 16 week?

Answer 70% of 600.00=$420.00 times 12 weeks (subtracted the 4 week waiting period) = $45040.00 or if you get the full 16 weeks, $420.00 times 16 = $6720.00

It's International Housekeeping Week! We are organizing a potluck lunch next week.?

Journey on the Orient ExpressCowboy SupperYe Olde English FeastIt’s a Fiesta!Southern BBQIt’s Aloha Friday!Jamaican Jive, MonPicnic on the SeineIt’s a Small World (multicultural food)The Melt... Read More »

What week is Sturgis bike week in South Dakata?

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generally is held during the second week in August. Approximately half a million people attend the rally in Sturgis, a town of about 7,000 residents. The first rally wa... Read More »