Can you install bath/shower faucet as bath only?

Answer On One Hand: It's Certainly PossibleAccording to Corvallis, Oregon based general contractor Mike Byers, you can easily install a bath/shower faucet in a bathtub-only setup. Since you have to toggle... Read More »

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How can you secure bath tub knobs so your toddler cannot take a bath on their own?

AnswerIt depends what type of knobs you have in your bath tub. Go to a hardware store and they can give you some solutions to the problem. It's best to have a lock on your bathroom door (keep a spa... Read More »

Dizziness and nausea whilst in the bath/getting out of the bath?

I think your blood pressure is low when you are in the bath. Its probably a combination of the postion in the bath, the heat and if you are menstruating. You will have to be careful in this situati... Read More »

Is a bath sheet the same as a bath towel?

Bath sheets are a type of bath towel. Bath towels come in a variety of sizes. A bath sheet is the largest type of bath towel and generally measures 35 inches by 60 How... Read More »

Bath Salt vs. Bath Beads?

Enjoy a soothing, fragrant bath with bath salts, beads or both. Each product offers relaxing benefits with some different functions. Buy salts or beads in decorative sachets or jars to give away as... Read More »