When Should This Arrive?

Answer Nobody here can tell you when it will actually arrive. The shipping estimates are generally reasonably accurate, but not guaranteed in my experience. My best guess would be that it will arrive with... Read More »

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When did the first Americans arrive?

In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon arrived at St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest U.S. settlement. By 1585, the British colony was officially established with the settlement of Roanoke. This settlement wou... Read More »

How did the piñata arrive in Mexico?

The piñata today is a papier mache statue hung above stick-wielding partygoers and stuffed with candy or trinkets. It is made to resemble hundreds of iconic images, but there was a historic time i... Read More »

When did the computer first arrive?

The ENIAC in Philadelphia was given credit for decades for being the first computer to be built--in 1945. However, the credit was misplaced because Iowa State University built one in 1942.Reference... Read More »

On Y&R Well the New Kyle has arrive tell me what you think?

A minute is all I needed OMG no way, the only good thing is he will be interacting with Summer they totally deserve each other a match made in heaven...... the casting is all wrong, there is no get... Read More »