Am I invited to your block party...even though I dont live on your block?

Answer sure.. just come for the food

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How to get invited to a party?

From personal experience I can say that this strategy works well: Make a joke out of asking, such as "So when is the party of the century going down?" or if you know the date and time of the party ... Read More »

I was invited to a Mad Hatter Tea Party?

pick up Milano cookies, or Tea cakes ( a type of cookie that is not very sweet.)either will be perfect.if you wanted , you could take elegant paper napkins.

I got invited to this party...?

The only way to get over being shy in situations like this is to put yourself out there. I'm sure your friends will introduce you to other people at the party, so just be yourself, mingle, and don'... Read More »

I wasn't invited to a party, but everyone one else was?

Either they're surprising you,which I doubt., maybe they're just asssholes. Heeey(: early you need to straight up ask. Be like umm I don't really give a fck but still why didn't you invite me? I'm ... Read More »