How can you ever be sure?

Answer I think a lot of it depends on your state, and how ethical your state is. There might be some folks here with state by state information about how ethical foster adoptions are in their states. I ... Read More »

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Not sure what to do..?

Take advil. If it happens again then see a doctor

Am I an alcoholic, I'm not sure?

You kinda do sound like an alcoholic but there is a way to find out for sure.Try to go for five days without alcohol. If you start to crave it the first two days then you are an alcoholic for sure... Read More »

X+3x+5x=45 i got five not sure how tho?

5 is the answer. combine all like terms. in this case that's everything on the left side. to get 9x. divide the 9 from both sides you get x=5.

I'm not sure if i got in an accident on the parkway?

Just let it go. He doesn't know anything. You would have definitely of known at 65mph