Can anybody understand Spanish songs please i need help?

Answer You didn't even put the we can't help you

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How to Teach Spanish With Songs?

The Spanish language is one that is spoken all over the world and in the United States. You can teach Spanish to children in a variety of ways. One effective method for teaching a new language to c... Read More »

Party/Spanish/Club Songs?

I just finished this list,Pitbull ft. Papayo - Echa P'Alla…Gusttavo Lima - Balada Boa…Michel Telo - Ai si eu te... Read More »

How to Use Songs to Teach Kids Spanish?

The Spanish language is spoken throughout the world and is quickly becoming a popular means of communication in the United States. Particularly in the Southwest, Florida, and large metropolitan are... Read More »

I deleted all my songs on my PC by accident, if I connect my Ipod 60gb will all songs on that be erased?

As long as you don't sync it. You can copy the songs from your ipod back to you computer. They won't be in mp3 format, but a file only recognized by your ipod. This would be a good thing to do, ... Read More »