How to Keep Your Mouth Shut when Your Parents Are Upset with You?

Answer Your parents may upset you at times but they taken care of you when you couldn't take care of yourself. They love you and deserve the utmost respect.

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Taping your mouth shut is not a safe idea! DON'T try it! You could choke, and even though you said your nostrils are clear many people breath out their mouths when they sleep, so don't do that, it'... Read More »

Is it hard for you to keep your mouth shut when it comes to someone else's parenting views?

I try to be reasonably well researched on parenting issues - so if someone says something that I disagree with, I will try to gently say why it's a bad idea - with back up. For example, my MIL cons... Read More »

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If a user doesn't know a punishment they received as a kid was abuse, do I shut my mouth or tell her?

Even if you tell her, if she don't see it as abuse then she don't see it as abuse. Believe me, if she tells people to do this, then she's been told before that it's abuse, and she just don't agree.... Read More »