Do you think this would be selfish?

Answer If we knew the world was ending in 5 years, I'm sure we'd all have a lot on our minds... but why not keep reproducing? It is our devine animal right.

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How to Be Selfish?

There's a common misconception out there that being selfish is a bad thing. This is wrong. Selfish people are the ones who make the world go round, who create art and civilization. Selfishness is t... Read More »

How to Be Less Selfish?

Do you want to change your ways? Or, do you have a selfish friend/family member who you want to influence to change their ways? This is for you.

Do you think suicide is selfish?

Hmm. Very interesting question. Is suicide selfish? The simple answer is yes. I'm not saying that healthy, rationalized people commit suicide, or that people who do choose to attempt suicide should... Read More »

Is abortion selfish?

A definate NO. Having a child you can't provide for is what's selfish. Having more than 3 kids is selfish.We also have a planet to look after. It isn't just about our own personal wants.