How to Remove Seize Bolts?

Answer Bolts seize when the protective oils that are applied to the bolt during the manufacturing process are removed when the bolt is subjected to heat and moisture. One of both of the listed conditions ... Read More »

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Who has the authority to seize a U.S. passport?

United States Customs and Border Protection has the authority to seize your passport in certain situations when you travel. Should you have an outstanding warrant, be suspected of possessing a frau... Read More »

Anti Seize Technology?

Anti-Seize Technology (AST) Inc. is a manufacturer of anti-seize lubrication products. Anti-seize products are designed to keep engines and other mechanical devices from freezing up or "seizing" du... Read More »

Why do brake calipers seize?

Brake calipers seize because of mechanical issues. Issues range and vary but may include wear and tear, poor installation, a bad master cylinder, poor maintenance or wheel and tire defects. In most... Read More »

How to Use Anti-Seize on Wheel Studs?

Using anti-seize on your wheel studs is an easy way to ensure that you will be able to get the wheels off should you need to change a flat tire. Anti-seize is a compound, usually silver in color, d... Read More »