Which do you feel is more important in a race like The Amazing Race Asia – brains or brawn Why?

Answer It's a combination of Brains, Brawn and a little bit of luck!! It helps to be brainy when you're trying to outsmart your competition but it's better to have brawn on the challenges. A combination o... Read More »

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Why do race car drivers have to be in top shape to race?

Driving race cars is not as effortless as it may appear on television. Piloting a race car at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour requires physical training. Race car drivers have to be in top s... Read More »

How to Win a Race?

This guide should help you get at least a ribbon. I don't know you at all so, I have no clue how athletic you are. You should be ok, I've been trained professional coach, so I know how to train.

What race do I look and how old do I look?

What Race would you say I am?

You look like a combination of Chinese with a little Indian too. About 19-21 years old.