I am turning 59 in a couple of months and am wonderng probably when will I die and probably of what?

Answer Hmm...I don't believe you come with an expiration date...check the bottom of your foot.. Just kidding..but really there is no accurate way of predicting this. You could live a long life, or you c... Read More »

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Probably a really stupid question but......?

How far is your nearest police station you can take them there & they will get rid of them.Charity shops wont sell them.I'm a police officer & worked in a town centre many times I had to go back to... Read More »

This is probably a dumb question but..?

You move the cursor onto the bar where you type the link.When you're there, you right click on it. You select the copy option.Now you go to the place where you want to post it on. You right click o... Read More »

TTC Some Probably Yucky Questions! Lol?

Hi, Its great to see you attacking TTC and charting does help heaps, even if its only to put your mind at rest that your body is working.One tip with charting is to keep a little pad of papaer and ... Read More »

I'm searching for a song, probably from the '90-s.?

'who let the dogs out', his heart was suffering because he lost all his dogs in front of mont martre