Girls: when you wear a skirt, pretty bra or underwear, lacy top, or pretty makeup, is it because...?

Answer a,b,c,and d.

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If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?

no but everyone is attracted to different kinds of ppl...

Am I pretty How can I make myself pretty [PIC INCLUDED]?

NO.& it's funny how you ask random strangers on the internet THEIR opinion of your looks, yet if they say something negative you'll give them a low rating? Wow, you don't have looks OR intelligence!

How to be pretty!!!!!!!!!!!?

Pick the feature you like the most. Make that stand out. Pick the feature you like the least. Make that disappear. When doing you makeup, stop after each individual thing and analyze how you look i... Read More »

Do u think im pretty [pix]?

Yes. You have really pretty eyes! I think your eyes are your best feature. And your skin in flawless, and your eyebrows- oh, you're so lucky that your eyebrows aren't bushy like mine! A lot of peop... Read More »