How to Catch a Possum?

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How to Trap a Possum?

Possums (sometimes called opossums) are nocturnal marsupials that scavenge for food. Possums are found in the Western Hemisphere and play dead when cornered. Possums can take residency in attics, c... Read More »

How to Dispose of a Dead Possum?

Despite looking like rodents, possums or opossums are actually the only marsupials in North America. They are related to kangaroos and koalas, and their infants live in the mothers' pouches while n... Read More »

The Ringtail Possum's Diet?

The ringtail possum, which is native to Tasmania, New Guinea and Australia, lives in a variety of habitats, including woodlands and rainforests. Because of this, the possum's diet consists of a num... Read More »

Activities for "Possum Magic"?

"Possum Magic" is the story of a young possum named Hush. His grandmother uses her magic spell to make him invisible; however, he longs to be seen once again. He embarks on a journey through Austra... Read More »