Where does a peacock lay eggs?

Answer After laying a series of unfertilized "decoy" eggs at different locations throughout the forest, the peahen (female peacock) lays her brood eggs in a rough nest made up of a scratched dirt hole and... Read More »

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How many eggs does the peacock lay?

The bird that we normally refer to as a "peacock" is the male of the peafowl species. Each year, a mature female peafowl (called a "peahen") typically lays between five and 10 eggs per clutch. If t... Read More »

How to Tame a Peacock?

Peafowl have been kept as free-roaming pets for at least a few millenia. The male peacocks and the less-stunning female peahens they try to attract with their sweeping, vividly colored plumes of fe... Read More »

How to Peacock Your Hair?

The peacock hairstyle is an easy way to get your hair up off your shoulders. It works best on hair that is medium to medium long. Use a jaw clip, French twist comb or beak clip to hold the hair in ... Read More »

Peacock Ideas?

The bright, bold hues of a peacock feather have made this beautiful bird popular throughout the ages. With its turquoise green, royal blue and deep purple coloring, the peacock feather makes a beau... Read More »