How do you say i am so hung over in Spanish?

Answer Because the term "hung over" is a slang term, the translation varies depending on which Spanish country you are in. The "official" translation is "Estar con resaca" But I know in Mexico, they use t... Read More »

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POLL: What MOVIE can you WATCH over and OVER and OVER?

One Movie, FRIDAY (Also Rush Hour 1 & 2).

What movie could you watch over and over and over?

Can you keep breaking your toe over and over and over?

Won't you feel bad when you find out she's broken her big toe IN 57 PLACES!

The funniest thing you cried over or got really upset over due to pregnancy hormones?

I kept walking upstairs to get something, then once I was upstairs I forgot what I went up there for! On the third trek upstairs I just sat on the top step and cried! I'm pretty sure even my 2 year... Read More »