How to Say Year in Spanish?

Answer Knowing the word "year" can have benefits to your vocabulary, and your general knowledge of the Spanish language. Are you prepared to learn yet another word in the Spanish language? Read on.

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How do you teach a 3 year old spanish?

What you are doing is great! Keep looking things up in the translation dictionary, when she wants to know what something is in Spanish. I went to a teacher supply store and picked up some Spanish e... Read More »

How to Teach 9-Year-Olds to Speak Spanish?

Settling a rowdy bunch of 9-year-olds to learn any lesson, much less a foreign language, can seem like a daunting task. If you meet the kids at their level by incorporating play-time, games and med... Read More »

What year did Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) come out?

The first edition of Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) was released in October 2002. The version is v. The second version of v.2 was released in 2005 and version 3 was released in 2007.... Read More »

If a 17 year old got a 14 year old pregnant what can the 14 year old parents do to the 17 year old guy Even if the girl really likes the guy?

Answer Well you may have to go to court for the baby! If I got prego then my mom would just have a talk dwith that guy no court nothing! To tell you the truth I am 14 too! My friend I really like i... Read More »