How can I confront my neighbor?

Answer You have to be freaking kidding me, right????????????Sorry but it is people LIKE YOU who give veggies and vegans bad names! For gripes sake woman! Live and let live. Why the hell is it any of yo... Read More »

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How to handle a bad neighbor?

You say time doesn't permit you to move. That says you're not ready to move. If you were ready, you'd take or make time to move. Waiting for the situation to escalate, are you? I wonder if time... Read More »

How to Get a Neighbor to Forgive You?

This can be a very difficult situation but it is possible to work through it with care and tact so that you can resume a friendly relationship with your neighbor. It may also take a dollop of humil... Read More »

How to Get a Hot Guy Neighbor to Notice You?

Ok, so your neighbor is a total hottie but he doesn't seem to notice you at all. Just follow the steps and get him to notice you.

How To Prank My Neighbor?

Make a loud obnoxious recording, put it on and turn it up loud with the speakers facing his rooms. Then leave. Leave for a day or two and then come back and see what happens.The dog poop is a probl... Read More »