How to Annoy Your Neighbor?

Answer Do you have a neighbor that really is a pain in the butt sometimes? Want him/her to cut it out? Here are the perfect solutions to your problems!

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How can I get my neighbor's hot dog out of my bush?

You could always try blowing it out. Or sucking it out with something readily available. Sometimes once hot dogs are stuck in a bush it's hard to get them out. I have had that problem many times. J... Read More »

Is it wrong to eat your neighbor's pet?

Your eyes are on the front of your face and you have these four sharp teeth in your mouth used for tearing and chewing flesh.You evolved to be a carnivore (okay, technically omnivore, but still not... Read More »

How to handle a bad neighbor?

You say time doesn't permit you to move. That says you're not ready to move. If you were ready, you'd take or make time to move. Waiting for the situation to escalate, are you? I wonder if time... Read More »

Should I report my neighbor if?

Considering you don't know the whole situation, I don't think it's worth the hassle.1) How do you know he didn't go fishing with a buddy who has a license to catch the same amount of fish but does... Read More »