How much money do Spanish court interpreters make?

Answer Compensation for Spanish-language court interpreters depends on the location, experience, type of court, type and amount of services rendered and many other variables. According to the U.S. Bureau ... Read More »

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How much money does a Spanish translator make?

Spanish translators are in demand in government, health care, judicial and educational settings and in the private sector. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average annual salary for t... Read More »

How much better is a HD picture on a TV?

The HD picture is improved by 200 %....IF you get a good Signal, then your Analogue signal is also Fantastic !!I've had Cable....Satellite, and now Verizon Fiber Optics to the Premises (FIOS)....Fi... Read More »

How much GB of iPhone 4s is better?

In telephone mode, dial the following into your screen *#06# You're IMEI number will then be displayed on screen.

How much better is 2.7 megapixel compared to 0.8?

A LOT BETTER. Like the difference between a comador 64 and a computer from say late 90's