Can metal in your body move or shift?

Answer over time it is possible... a simple xray will be able to determine whether it not it has moved

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Is it true that a dead body can move on its own?

Very true. After a short period of time the body will stiffen (rigor mortis) but a lot of times rigor mortis will reverse itself (the body will unstiffen) for a while before permanent stiffness se... Read More »

Why i always wake up before my body does and i can see and hear everything around me but cannot move?

I know i am awake but i can't move my body and it's like something is trying to put me back to sleep.?

There is nothing strange about this experience, really. A lot of people have it.During normal REM sleep (when you dream), your body is suffused with a chemical that causes REM atonia, a type of par... Read More »

Body Parts That Help the Fish Move in the Water?

Fish have evolved to take full advantage of their environment and have many body parts that enable them to swim. Using a variety of internal organs and external body features, fish display an incre... Read More »