How to Photograph Lightning?

Answer Most photographers, when asked, will tell you that some of their most coveted photos are those in which they captured lightning. Lightning photography is a difficult process relying on skill, timin... Read More »

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How hot is a bolt of lightning?

A lightning bolt's temperature is an astonishing 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite its intense heat, many of the approximately 300 victims of lightening strikes each year survive. However, an aver... Read More »

Capturing Lightning ?

Don't set it to fast shutter speed! Better to shoot in darkness and set shutter to sloooow speed. 10-20-30 seconds, or bulb and hold it until the lightning strikes... Of course a tripod is a must..... Read More »

How to Paint Lightning on a Car?

When you're painting a car, your options are endless; to paint lightning onto a car, though, adds a dramatic edginess to a car's appearance. The technique is similar to the spray gun technique you ... Read More »

Why do you not see lightning bugs in the day?

Because their body chemistry responds to night-time lighting and living, fireflies or lightning bugs [Lampyridae family] tend not to be seen during the day. During the day, they try to hide in the ... Read More »