Tea instead of coffee?

Answer I don't know about tea,I only know about coffee,but coffee has been known to help in diets,and there has been a craze for "Green Coffee Bean Extract" lately,from the Dr. Oz show,one thing for sure ... Read More »

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Why rent instead of own?

Yes, a house is nice, do what you want with pets, pool, etc. However, homeowners also have the responsiibilities of the upkeep of their own property. Hot water tank repalcement, other plumbing issu... Read More »

Can you use butter instead of oil?

You could use butter instead of cooking oil to brown your Boca burger. I've found that using olive oil works best over all when cooking Boca brand products.

Why does it say 'E' instead of 4G?

it stand for "edge". this happens when your phone does not have a good signal and cannot retrieve 4g or 3g service, so it grabs the slower edge speeds. this is equivalent to dial up and can be fixe... Read More »

Projector instead of TV?

You can try this:…It's a pocket projector that operates with L.E.Ds and uses DLP Pico Chipset technology. It lasts long, and you can connect a variety of d... Read More »