Where can you watch or download One Piece from episode 262 to the end on GERMAN but with no German subs it must be in German language?

Answer you can watch the new episodes on the link below. just search for the episode you will watch (just like youtube) but beware there are BOTH the German dub AND the German sub versions the episodes... Read More »

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Do you like German Food?

I have a friend from Germany and his mom makes the best food I've ever put in my mouth....

How is german potato salad made and do you like it as much as I do?

1. Potato salad with vinegarIngredients for four people:2 pds of potatos1/4 cup butter1 red onion2 garlic cloves1/2 pd boiled ham8 spring onions1/4 cup apple vinegar1 bundle (1/2) pound garden radi... Read More »

Would Jonathon Ross say his r's like v's if he had a heavy German accent?

Maybe ! but it would be totally incorrect and sound dreadful ! Most imitations of a German accent are done by pronouncing a "W" as a "V" on certain words, rolling the "R"s and accenuating the "SC... Read More »

Are Jews an race/ethnicity like Italian, German, Black, Japanese...!?

Well, no. But somewhat yes if you twist the terminology concerning ethnicity.Concerning "race": Italians, Germans, Blacks, the Japanese, and the Jews all belong to the same race. Namely, the hum... Read More »