Need help Quick Hurry!!?

Answer Yes they do. See if there is a 24 hour CVS around, I know there are 2 in my town so chances are there is one around you. Also if there is a 24 hour stop and shop or whatever grocery store you hav... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp in a Hurry?

A dry, itchy scalp can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. The surface of your scalp contains numerous oil glands and hair follicles, making it especially vulnerable to drying, irritation and fungal... Read More »

How to Dry Pantyhose in a Hurry?

Nylon fibers often have the luster that we associate with silk, and they are used to make pantyhose. They can also be made to look like natural fibers such as cotton. Nylon is low maintenance, doe... Read More »

How to Get Ready in a Hurry?

This will help you get ready for anything! Fast easy and simple!

What are the 4 hurry cases?

not breathing, no heartbeat, Severe bleeding, internal poisoning