Do people have more than one computer or is this being greedy?

Answer I like to tinker, and I build my own PC's, so I have amassed a collection and still have my first one, the MITS Altair. I also am, as my moniker suggests, a Serial MAC Lover and collect MAC's. Al... Read More »

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Will these greedy companies ever do us consumers right?

This burns me up too. Lots of companies keep upgrading their apps and won;t support the old ones any more. So they don't work on my old model. I don't have the money to keep buying a new one eve... Read More »

How to Reverse Greedy Algorithms?

Reverse greedy algorithms – also known as Rgreedy algorithms – are not the “reverse” of greedy algorithms. They are also greedy algorithms, but they work in the reverse direction. Usually a... Read More »

Is this what FDA & The Greedy Pharmaceutical Industry doing to us Read on....?

in order to answer this question, in addition to watching the film again, I also went through it in the storybook form word by word writing after reading each page, here is what I wrote as I proce... Read More »

Greedy Boost Controller Instructions?

The GReddy electronic boost controller allows you to modify the boost pressure level produced by your turbocharger. There are also various other settings and display modes offered by the GReddy boo... Read More »