What was Spanish gold My mate at work keeps going on about it.?

Answer When the Spanish found that the Aztecs had a lot of gold they would get it and ship it homeChetak

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What 1980's game show did the host say Going once going twice sold Or Going once going twice no sale?

I'm going to do Hydro/Apap 5/325, im gonna do 3 of those, and im also going to do 2 Cyclobenzohprine, safe?

The first number is your hydrocodone mg. and the 2nd number is your tylenol mg. The usualy HIGH dose of hydrocode is 10mg. and the Tylenol MG you really REALLY have to be careful with. It will k... Read More »

What should be the resolution of a pic i am going to scan if i'm going to show it on a projector?

Hi KCUsually, 72 to 150 dpi is more than adequate but, if you want it to be crispy, 300 to 600 dpi will do a perfect job.

I bit my mouth a minute ago, and I'm going to be going on vacation in 2 days, how can I heal it fast?

Aw, I'm sorry! I've been there (I have braces and an expander, I'm always getting cuts and sores in my mouth).Here are some things you can do:Mix warm water with salt and gargle several times a day... Read More »