Which works better for you, Bush giving you a bath or Agelina Jolie giving you a tatoo?

Answer I will take a pass on either of them.I can wash myself, (been doing it for as long as I can remember, and I think I got it "right" after all these years now)...I dont need a tatoo, because I dont l... Read More »

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Giving Blood vs. Giving Plasma?

Blood and its components cannot be manufactured or harvested. People who need blood or plasma transfusions must rely on others who have chosen to volunteer their time to donate their blood or plasm... Read More »

Do and don't in giving first aid?

Always only preform actions you are trained to do. Never cause further harm.

Giving us a bad name!?

Hey!Whats up?We haven't spoken in a LONG time! lol....Anyways, yea. I agree 100%!Those haters are just so rude!If they know its a Jonas related question they shouldn't open it and wow!I totally HAT... Read More »

Do you ever think about giving up, APs?

I am experiencing the same issue right now. My son, who just turned 4 years old, cried last night and said he "misses his birthmother". I had a nice talk with him and I let him know that his feel... Read More »