How to Impress a French Girl?

Answer Every culture has its own what to do and what not to do's of courtship. What might be considered romantic in one culture could be easily seen as brazen in another. At the end of the day, it comes d... Read More »

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How to Write to a French Girl?

Writing to French girls is one of the world's finer arts and should be attempted with the utmost care. Like poker, it takes 5 minutes to learn and 2 lifetimes to master.

How to Act Like a Beauxbatons Girl for the Non French?

Isn't it just so annoying when you read a how-to on how to act like a Beauxbatons student and it tells you to learn French? If your school doesn't teach French, or you don't want to learn French, y... Read More »

How do you prevent a girl to pregnant after french kiss?

Will a 15 aged girl be pregnant through french kiss at present?

AnswerYou cannot get pregnant from kissing, even french kissing. you get pregnant from haveing sex aka stickin ur dick into her vagina