How big is a giraffe leg?

Answer A giraffe's legs measure about six feet in height. While it may appear that the front legs are longer than the back legs, they are in fact the same length.Source:San Diego Zoo: Mammals-Giraffe

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Is a giraffe a decomposer?

Giraffes are not regarded as decomposers in their ecosystem. The giraffe is a grazer, consuming plant material to satisfy its energy and nutrient requirements. Decomposers break down dead organisms... Read More »

Is a giraffe a herbivore?

Giraffes are inherently herbivores. Their primary source of food is the acacia tree, but the diet of a giraffe consists of any variety of shoots and leaves from shrubs and trees.Source:African Wild... Read More »

Is a giraffe sacred?

On One Hand: Certain Religions See the Giraffe as SacredCommunities near Kisii in Kenya view the giraffe as a sacred animal. Giraffes seldom stray as far southwest as Kisii so when one is sighted, ... Read More »

Lifespan of a Giraffe?

Giraffes, the world's tallest animals, can live between 20 and 25 years in the wild, but in captivity average of 28 years. The oldest known giraffe died at age 33 at the Dallas, Texas, Zoo in 2007.