How to Buy a Ferret?

Answer A ferret is not as common as a dog or a cat when it comes to household pets, however many people do enjoy keeping them. Ferrets are social, active, curious and energetic when they are awake. Most f... Read More »

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How to Travel With a Ferret?

Ferrets are fun to take with you everywhereTraveling with ferrets can be an enjoyable experience if you do some planning and take a few precautions before you set out on your journey.

How to Train a Ferret?

That naughty ferret is still biting people`s private areas. Still taking craps on the carpet? Still won't listen? Here's how to train your ferrets without the hassle of expensive training lessons a... Read More »

How to Groom a Ferret?

Grooming and taking care of your ferret's hygiene needs is important. This article discusses brushing teeth, trimming nails, bathing, brushing, and ear cleaning. It also covers the important topic ... Read More »

How Can I Surrender My Ferret?

Surrendering your ferret is usually stressful for both the ferret and the owner. The process should never be taken lightly, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Whether you are moving somewhere that do... Read More »