Why did Napster fail?

Answer Napster failed under litigation pressure because it openly supported the unethical and outright stealing and distribution of intellectual property. In the process of such theft, it denied those who... Read More »

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Why do new businesses fail?

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 50 percent of small businesses fail after five years. New businesses fail due to lack of business experience, poor planning, limited capital, p... Read More »

Why do trusses fail?

The structure of a truss is designed to support a tremendous amount of weight. They are not infallible, however. Although it is rare, and usually preventable, there are a number of reasons why trus... Read More »

Can you fail air force bmt?

Yes, you can fail AF BMT. You can only fail the PT test, until you enter the operational airforce unless you REALLY screw up it's very hard to get kicked out of the airforce unless it's a medical c... Read More »

How do i fail an eye test?

Read all the letters wrong and keep saying...I can't see it.Then again,you may end up with very strong lenses that actually hurt your eyes.Why don't you just buy some cool frames and have your doct... Read More »