Can you have sex when you are eleven years old?

Answer Masturbation is fine at 11 but not to have sex with someone else. There are those who are curious and want to but it takes a bit more maturity to be ready for it. It is also a crime and not just fo... Read More »

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Can you be eleven and still be on American idol?

Can you be in American idol if i am eleven?

No You Cant You Have To Be 16 Years Off age To Enter 'AMERICAN IDOL' Try In 5 More Years

How many albums does Finger Eleven have?

Canadian rock band Finger Eleven has released four full-length albums as of May 2010. "Tip" was released in 1998, "Greyest of Blue Skies" in 2000, "Finger Eleven" in 2003 and "Them Vs. You Vs. Me" ... Read More »

Can an eleven year old have children?

If they have started their period, then physically yes, otherwise no. An 11-year-old child is too young emotionally to cope with giving birth and although physically able if started her periods, is... Read More »