Is it dumb..?

Answer That's not dumb at all. As long as you feel comfortable asking the teacher then I see no problem.

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Dumb Question?

If you don't already have an internet connection, you will need one. Typically it's around $30 (maybe even less) for a good DSL connection. You will also need a wireless router that connects to you... Read More »

How to Use Dumb Bells?

Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you could ever own. The dumbbell concept is simple: Grab a dumbbell and perform a motion to work the targeted muscle. Dumbbell weights ... Read More »

Am I fat. Yea, dumb question?

check your specifics with this website (scroll half way down)…(Average for teens)5'0" = 94.5lbs 5'1" = 98lbs5'2" = 101lbs5'3" = 104.5lbs5'4" = 107.5lbs5'5"... Read More »

Is social networking dumb?

I honestly think that it is not dumb, but rather a remarkable is just a pity that stupid people also have access to it all depends on how you use it and how you understand it...y... Read More »