What is the best type of garage door opener: screw drive, belt drive or chain drive?

Answer I have installed both a screw drive and a chain drive. As previously mentioned, a screw drive delivers more power. It may be required to open a double wide because of the extra weight or a single p... Read More »

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How to Copy Drive C to Drive D & Install on a New Hard Drive?

Copying the full contents of your "C" drive to your "D" drive is a good way to protect your data against the possibility of corruption or loss. The most efficient method for performing this is by u... Read More »

My cd/dvd drive doesn't work n my computer can i install my logitec software disc on a usb drive?

Yes just copy all the files over and open the .exe or setup file

19 yr old justin bieber can drive in lamorghinis ferraris when its ilegal to drive for his age how come?

He probably would not be allowed to rent one, and some insurance companies might deny him coverage, but I'm sure he can buy several and self-insure for collision with change left over for gas.

How Do I Download My Dell 2350 Hard Drive for Windows XP Onto a Flash Drive?

Windows XP comes with its own backup utility. This program walks you through the process of backing up all of your data onto an external storage device. If you have a Dell 2350 desktop computer run... Read More »