Hi! Who's dreaming team pink, and who's dreaming of team blue?

Answer If I could choose, I would have a boy. I've always wanted to have a boy first so he could be the big brother and protector to the other kids, especially if he had sisters. :) But I know I will a... Read More »

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How to Know if Your Dog Is Dreaming?

It's a whole different world out there…Have you ever wondered if dogs could dream? They can, and with a little knowledge, you can tell when they're dreaming, and what they're doing!

How to Tell if You're Dreaming?

Knowing that you're dreaming can be a useful technique for a number of purposes, ranging from checking your dream state when seeking to lucid dream (you need to know you're dreaming to be able to b... Read More »

What does dreaming about a tiger mean?

On One Hand: It Can Be a Good SignTigers are undeniably powerful creatures, and dreaming of one that has succumbed to you can mean that you are about to be fortunate in business or love. A tiger ru... Read More »

How to Convince Someone That He/She Is Dreaming?

This can be used as an excellent April Fool's Day joke. Make sure you pick the right person when attempting this. This person (preferably) should be a little gullible!