Damn aphids?

Answer We just bought some terra/ insecticide at Loews that we spread in just the soil , not on the leaves, and it did a good job on the aphids.

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How do those 8th graders get so damn big?

When I was ur age I was 5'7 1/2 im now 20 and 5'11 basically eat meats n veggies jus like parents tell u lol i LOVED veggies and ate em all the time and I think thts y im so damn tall n fyi bein su... Read More »

Where is the damn krulius?

I Don't Have A Clue Soz.left hand side he only appeared tonight hes been hiding for a week

Why haven't I had my DAMN period yet!?

haha whata loser! i just got on mine yesterday! =Di've been telling off my bf all day today! haha!!!

My damn printer hp c4280?

Try uninstalling then reinstalling the printer software. If that does not work then something in your printer has gone bad. Replace the printer as they are pretty cheap right now.