Classic French chicken dishes?

Answer Poulet au cidre Coq au vin Fricassee de poulet Poularde Chevaliere

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What Are Some French Meals Involving Chicken?

The elegant yet comforting flavors of French cuisine can transform a simple chicken-based dinner into a sophisticated meal. With many popular French chicken dishes, the key element is the sauce. Th... Read More »

Does McDonalds use chicken flavoring on their french fries?

My friend who works in McDonald told me that the french fries are preorder then store in the freezer. the fries already had animal fat on it. They then dump the fries in the oil to refry it and w... Read More »

Besides Burgers/Chicken what food is good with French Fries?

Steak.Hot DogsCheese ( Cheesy fries)Fried Egg and Baked BeansAny type of Fish.Chip SandwichMeat PieSausagesScampi (battered shrimp)Prawns

French Fries with Cheese Grilled Chicken Salad Or Salami & Cheese Sandwich Which from this list ->?

Cheese fries, wow thanks for making me hungry. Night.